Nora Reikosky Program: Literacy, Culture, and International Education Division, Ph.D.

Anticipated Graduation: May 2023


Professional Biography

Nora is a PhD student in the Education, Culture and Society division. She works as a Research Assistant to her adviser, Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath.

Nora received her undergraduate degree in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley in 2011. After focusing her undergraduate academic coursework on public goods and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, Nora worked for the legal department of Google, engaging with initiatives and gaining exposure to CSR programs operated by Google in education. In 2014, Nora transitioned into KIPP Bay Area Schools to develop an understanding of issues facing contemporary K-12 education from the practitioner perspective, where she collaborated with the executive and school teams to implement personalized learning programs, computer science curriculum, and manage technology operations. Nora is pursuing graduate study in education to explore the short and long-term impact of privatization and marketization in public education.

Research Interests and Current Projects

Nora's research considers the ways in which powerful and wealthy non-governmental actors interact with communities and public institutions they identify as "vulnerable" or "underserved". Nora is particularly intrigued by the philanthropic actors' exertion of control over priorities in education, and investigates the funding of computer science and STEM initiatives, character education curriculum and equity oriented policies.

Interest Categories

Curriculum & Instruction
School & Society
Race & Equity


B.A. (Political Economy) University of California, Berkeley, 2011.

Faculty Advisors

Sigal Ben-Porath

Areas Of Expertise

Philanthropy in education

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