Kristina B. Lewis Program: Educational Linguistics, Ph.D.

Anticipated Graduation: May 2022

Millersville, PA

Professional Biography

Kristina B. Lewis is a Doctoral Candidate in the Educational Linguistics program at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. An experienced language educator, she has taught English language and literacy classes to diverse student populations in Uganda and the United States. Kristina has also taught and TA-ed numerous graduate-level courses in the areas of educational linguistics, discourse analytic research methods, and TESOL practice teaching. Outside of her academic program, Kristina works as a freelance editor and writing coach, specializing in providing support to multilingual writers in various academic English genres.

Research Interests and Current Projects

Kristina's dissertation, "Be(com)ing Language (Student) Teachers in a TESOL Practicum," which explores the hybrid experience of "becoming" and "being" teachers that graduate-level TESOL students experience during their practicum semester. Kristina proposes an ecological model of (language) teacher education in order to examine the interplay between language student teachers' socialization and identity formation within and across the contexts and timescales of a practicum semester. She theorizes "images" of language (student) teachers and language (student) teaching to analyze the various ideas, representations, and enactments that circulate and are legitimized across practicum contexts. Drawing on a methodological framework of ethnography-in-education, discourse analysis, and collaborative inquiry, this dissertation project particularly follows the experiences of eight multilingual focal student teacher participants. This study demonstrates the rich potential for inquiry into student teachers' own experiences and interpretations of the practices of teacher education.


Lewis, K.B. (In preparation; Abstract accepted). Navigating the Doctoral Program with Invisible Disabilities. In Narratives of TESOL Professionals: Navigating the Doctoral Program, Eds. H. Kayi- Aydar, A. Steadman, & K. Shea. Information Age Publishing.

Lewis, K. B., & Wagner, S. (In preparation; Abstract accepted). Emotion, empathy, and professional development within post-observation meetings. System, special issue on Language Teacher Emotion Research: Contemporary Developments and Challenges (Editors: Matthew Prior & Mari Haneda).

Lewis, K. B., & Wagner, S. (In press). The potential of complaining as reflective practice in mentoring. ELT Journal.

Lewis, K. B. (Forthcoming). The role of practicum mentors in developing "thinking teachers." In Innovating the Practicum in TESOL Teacher Education: Design, Implementation, and Pedagogy in an Era of Change, Eds. W. Wright & C. Pu. Taylor & Francis.

Wagner, S., & Lewis, K.B. (2021). Third-party complaints in teacher post-observation meetings. Journal of Pragmatics, 178, 378-390.

Lewis, K.B. (2020). Note from the field: Centering student teachers' perspectives through collaborative inquiry. Working Papers in Educational Linguistics. Through-Collaborative-Inquiry.pdf

Wagner, S., & Lewis, K.B. (2019). Complaining as reflective practice in TESOL teacher-mentor post-observation meetings. Working Papers in Educational Linguistics, 34, 1-26.

Lewis, K.B. (2018). Narrating a novice language teacher identity: What's at stake when telling stories of struggle? Working Papers in Educational Linguistics, 33, 99-119.

Sicola, L., Lewis, K., & Tomaskovic-Moore, K. (2018). Sheltered language instruction. In TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching.

Interest Categories

Curriculum & Instruction
Language & Literacy
Ethnographic Research


M.S.Ed. (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages [TESOL]) University of Pennsylvania, 2012.
B.A. (Religious Studies) Messiah College, 2008.

Faculty Advisors

Nelson Flores
Associate Professor, Educational Linguistics

Betsy Rymes
Professor, Educational Linguistics
Chair, Educational Linguistics

Areas Of Expertise

Classroom Interaction
Discourse Analysis
English for Academic Purposes
Language Teacher Education
Language Teacher Identity
Multilingual Writing
Narrative Analysis
Practitioner Inquiry
Writing Coaching

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